Change is a constant, requirement for all things to survive. This morning you may have noticed that our domain and named changed. enConnected, the site I founded to cover all kinds of connected entertainment, has a new name. It is now The en.

For now, don’t worry about changing your links and your favorites bar. will act as our main domain, but we have plans to continue using It’ll redirect here. All of your links and the good will we’ve built up won’t suddenly go away. We thought it was time to shorten the domain and give ourselves some fresh branding to work with. I’m able to say we, because today Mareah Moore takes on a new role as Deputy Editor for Media. Maybe you know her from Twitter, maybe you don’t. I assure, you we have big plans together.

You’ll get to experience one of those new changes this weekend. That’s when the enConnected Live podcast returns as The enWord, a half an hour conversation about each week in Xbox and entertainment topics.

Thanks for reading all these years. We’ve still got many more to go, and with help from Mareah those years will be much more fun-filled than those behind us..

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