Rockstar Games, makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 has some news that could force you to shift around some holiday video game funds. This morning the studio announced a GTA Online Freemode Update that will finally remove the mountain of ridiculous loading screens from the game. Unfortunately, Xbox 360 users won’t get it.

Rockstar announced the GTA Online Freemode Update this morning on Rockstar Newswire, its on blog all matters Grand Theft Auto related. Following the update, doing activities in Freemode won’t require a single loading screen, menu or lobby. Instead, events will happen in GTA Online Freemode based on entire sessions. Players will get in-game notifications when an event is about to happen in their session so that they have time to move on it quickly. Participating in events earns players cash and more experience for their characters. To pull all of this off, the developer had to harness the power of the Xbox One, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. The GTA Online Freemode update is coming on September 15th, but not to the Xbox 360 or PS3.

Of course, users who want to just run around randomly shooting at fellow players for kicks can continue to do that in the updated GTA Online Freemode if they want. Also included in the update is King of the Castle, which lets users hint each other to dominate given territory. In Hunt The Beast a single player gets super powers to take on every other player in their session. Hunting Pack saddles one team with a bomb installed in their car. Dropping below the speed limit causes the bomb to go off. Problem is, the opposing team is in their vehicles actively trying to stop the vehicle. Rockstar plans to bundle this update with the Rockstar Editor available only on PC today.

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