Electronic Arts, publisher and developer on Star Wars Battlefront, sure doesn’t hope you’ve gotten too used to the idea of paying $59.99 for the game when it arrives this November. Besides extending the beta until tomorrow EA announced a $50 Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass and an Ultimate Edition that’ll bundle both the standard game and the season pass together.

EA announced the new additions to its Star Wars Battlefront line-up in a post on the game’s website this afternoon. The $50 Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass will deliver four new expansion packs after the game’s launch, plus early access to those packs for two weeks. The publisher is also promising new locations, taking players to many more places than what’s available in the standalone game. To be clear, this expansion pass is in addition to the $59.99 users need to pay for the base game already. Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition unlocks everything that’s in the $69.99 Deluxe Edition of the game, plus the season pass content.

Showing games a little mercy, EA didn’t reveal the price for the Ultimate Edition in today’s blog post. Star Wars Battlefront’s release date is November 10th. We’ll likely learn that price by then.  Either way, it seems like Electronic Arts may have just undone all the goodwill it earned with this weekend’s Star Wars Battlefront beta release on Origin, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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