Since Microsoft first revealed the software running on the Xbox One in 2013 it has had to contend with accusations that it isn’t fostering the same community feel that it had with the Xbox 360 and original Xbox console. A new app and experience available for the new Xbox One experience confirms the company is ready to do something about those complaints.

In a post available exclusively to members of the Xbox One Preview Program and available in the R/XboxOne Community, today Microsoft confirmed it’s rolling out a Community Calendar app that’ll let Xbox Live users see the different things happening on Xbox Live on any given night. Xbox Community Calendar as it’s being called is one of the few apps and games available in the Beta Games & Apps area that Microsoft added to the New Xbox One Experience. It looks like the plan is to roll out the Xbox Community Calendar after the New Xbox One Experience rolls out to users.

Hopefully, Microsoft bakes what’s available in this app or at least provides a deep link to it directly from the Community area in the New Xbox One Experience. Preview Program members also received an update last night that allows them to remap the buttons on their controllers. That’s a feature that everyone previously assumed was only coming to buyers of the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

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