Put away that book you were planning to read and ditch that copy of Fallout 4 you have yet to break the shrink-wrap on. Microsoft is hoping that you and millions of others with access to its online store and entertainment apps will want to watch Green Hornet for free this weekend. Free Movie Weekend is back.

Devices with access to Microsoft Movies & TV began showcasing free rentals of Green Hornet this morning. For the not yet indoctrinated, Free Movie Weekend allows users to rent a pre-selected movie on their device or the web free of charge. In this case, it’s a super-hero movie starring Seth Rogen. Free Movie Weekend is available to anyone with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Phone or an Xbox console. Users do need a Microsoft Account. Rentals in the Windows Store are good for two weeks before they expire, but stop working in 48 hours once you hit play.

Building on top of Free Movie Weekend this time around are deep discounts on other movies starring Seth Rogen, like Superbad and Pineapple Express. Unfortunately, Microsoft Movies & TV isn’t available outside of the web and Microsoft’s ecosystem. That means no apps on the iPhone or devices running Google’s Android operating system.

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