In a new teaser for its Black Friday 2015 sales coming to the Xbox Store, Microsoft does the unthinkable. The company says that shoppers can expect to pay just $1 for Xbox Live if they don’t already have a subscription.

Microsoft posted the video detailing the heavily discounted membership to Xbox Live earlier this week on its YouTube profile. Xbox Live is the service that powers the entire online experience. Xbox Live is free, but Xbox Live Gold lets users download some games each month at no additional charge and play online with their friends. Beginning November 20th, Microsoft will let anyone who has never experience Xbox Live Gold join for $1. For comparison, Xbox Live costs $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

All Xbox Live Gold members will be able to purchase games on discount in the Black Friday 2015 sale earlier than those without a subscription. Additionally, subscribers save as much as $10 off the purchase price of Xbox Live. Batman: Arkham Knight, Gears of War, and Forza 6 are all in the teaser trailer.

Discounted introductory rates on Xbox Live Gold will last until November 30th, but Microsoft’s Black Friday 2015 game sales will start early on November 20th and last until the 23rd for subscribers. To be clear, the cheap Xbox Live Gold is for Xbox One and Xbox 360 and that $1 only covers a single month.

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