If by some strange fluke you don’t have anything to play on your Xbox One this weekend, there’s always a solution to that. What’s more, this solution doesn’t involve making any additional purchases, a stick or a paintball gun. For this weekend only, all Xbox Live Gold users can play NBA 2K16 absolutely free.

Microsoft announced earlier this week that users with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can download and play NBA 2K16 for as long as they want this weekend, no strings attached — other than the required subscription I mean. Microsoft last held an event like this during the summer when it unlocked Sunset Overdrive for all Xbox Live Gold users.

An Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year. First time Xbox Live Gold subscribers can purchase a single month of the service for just a $1 through their console this weekend. Microsoft plans to begin charging for the game again on November 22nd. Game saves from free weekend play sessions transfer to disc and digital downloads of the game.

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