Ever wondered just how much video game award shows have improved since Spike TV stopped airing them? (And ruining them, depending on who you ask.) Don’t wait until tomorrow night to find out in hours old clips. Xbox Live, among other things, will livestream The Game Awards 2015 directly into homes this evening.

The Game Awards airs tonight on Xbox Live beginning at 9PM Eastern Standard Time. Tension in the gaming world about the show are running high; this is only the second Game Awards show to air since the show split from its cable channel production partner. Microsoft representatives have said publicly that they’re planning interactive features for users that watch The Game Awards directly through their Xbox.

To watch The Game Awards and take part you’ll need the Xbox Live Events app. Microsoft has two versions available in the Xbox Store, one that features interactivity and one that doesn’t. By no means do users have to stick to the Live Events player if they don’t want to. Twitch, Steam, PlayStation Network, YouTube and more will all stream the event over their apps and services. Last year there were over 1 million streams of The Game Awards.

There’s an extensive list of nominees available at The Game Awards website. Voting for many of the categories is decided by a jury. The Fan’s Choice awards voting has already concluded.

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