Long time users of the NBC News app on the Xbox 360, we have some heartbreaking news. There’s a new Xbox Live messaging making the rounds this morning that says the app you know and love won’t be available on the Xbox 360 soon.

Microsoft sent out a notice about the app being removed from the Xbox 360 only moments ago. A screenshot provided by Twitter user Passthemsticks reveals has all the details. Microsoft will remove the app from Xbox 360 consoles and Xbox Live on December 15th. The message is worded in a way that indicates NBC itself is actually pulling the app, which can’t have been that popular since Matt Lauer is now joined by Carson Daly on that show. NBC News is the second app from a major content provider to leave the Xbox 360 recently; Comcast pulled its on-demand Xfinity video app from the console too. Both apps are owned by Comcast, which doesn’t really have the warmest relationship with Xbox anyway.

FOX News is still available on Xbox 360, for what that’s worth.

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