Ahead of next week’s holidays around the world, Microsoft has announced the new titles coming to its Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program. Halo: Reach is available now for those that already own the game or plan to buy it new or used at their local GameStop for a deep discount. Fable 3 and Deus Ex Human Revolution are also included.

Microsoft announced 16 new titles for the program this morning in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog. The list arrives as there are mixed emotions about the value of the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program in the first place. The feature could turn out to be amazing, but only if there are third-party game developers willing to allow Microsoft to add their games to the program. This month’s titles are dominated by Xbox Live Arcade games published by Microsoft’s own internal studio, which has some worried.

Braid, Doritos Crash Course, Hydro Thunder, Iron Brigade, Kane & Lynch 2, Motocross Madness, MS. Pac Man, Portal” Still Alive, Peggle, Spelunky, Splosion Man, Ticket to Ride and Zuma’s Revenge are all available on Xbox One beginning today. So are Halo: Reach, Fable 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Anyone that owns digital versions of these titles will find them waiting in their collection on Xbox One, complete with their cloud game save. Users that own them on disc will need to insert that disc and unlock their digital download.

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