To say that an exclusive title from Microsoft Studios and Platinum Games was a surprise is an understatement. Almost no one expect the two companies to be working together on a game. Then the two announced Scalebound this past June for Xbox One. Director Hideki Kamiya shares his gaming industry origins and inspiration for the exclusive title in a new interview out this weekend.

Scalebound is described as Kamiya’s “dream game” in the multipart profile of developer Platinum Games out now at GameSpot. Microsoft announced the upcoming action-adventure game at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo in June. Scalebound revolves around a human character and his powerful dragon. The two are forever linked by powers that we don’t yet understand.

“The dragon is a totally new idea,” he says. “You’re fighting with an AI, how should the dragon be engaged in battle? How should we grow the dragon alongside you? Where is the focus for these things or that thing? None of that has a blueprint for us. It’s not that we can hit copy on the machine and get another one of these. We have to make the machine. In making that machine everything is a challenge because all of those parts have to fit together. The amount of decision making that you have to make and the amount of decisions that you don’t know yet because other decisions haven’t been made yet is pretty monumental,” Kamiya tells the outlet in the longform piece.

The Scalebound release is set for sometime in 2016. Exactly when that release date is a mystery.

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