The Xbox One doesn’t have a dedicated March Madness app. Relax though, neither horrible weather nor dark of night will keep you from being able to enjoy March Madness 2016 on your Microsoft-made, current-generation console. That’s all thanks to TNT, TBS and TruTV. Also, digital cable subscription service Sling TV.

March Madness, the annual contest to figure out what college basketball teams are the best and who has the best brackets around kicks off today on the cable networks owned by Turner Broadcasting. Though most other platforms have a dedicated app for the occasion, the Xbox One doesn’t. Instead of relying on the app, Xbox One owners can turn to Sling TV to watch all the games that the Turner networks are broadcasting. Sling TV does have an Xbox One app and a free trial available for seven straight days. That’s not enough time to get you throw the weekend, at least. The service costs $19.99 a month for a basic package after the free trial has expired.

Of course, if you’ve configured the Xbox One’s Live TV integration and have a cable subscription, you can track the latest games and flip to TNT, TrueTV and TBS’ March Madness coverage using the OneGuide. There’s a schedule on their website. A voice command works too, if you have a Kinect sensor plugged. Just say, “Xbox, watch TNT.”

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