For one Sunday almost every American that knows how to reach for a television remote flocks to broadcast television to watch the two toughest teams in the National Football League duke it out for a trophy, bragging rights and a spot in a Disneyland commercial. The rest of us still tune in, but to watch the ads. You don’t have to leave the comforts of Xbox Live to watch Super Bowl 50; it’s available directly on Xbox One.

The NFL’s partnership with CBS Sports is what makes your Super Bowl 50 experience possible. Every version of the app, including the one available in the Xbox Store, will broadcast the game as it’s happening. No delays, no highlights; this is the actual game. Additionally, Xbox One owners can snap the dedicated NFL app to the side of their screen for the latest statistics and highlights directly from the league. Both the NFL and CBS Sports apps are free, no Xbox Live subscription required. Super Bowl 50 coverage starts at 6:30 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Those who prefer to watch the broadcast for whatever reason can still do that too. Users with the Xbox One’s television integration or the Xbox Digital TV Tuner configured and a Kinect can simply say, “Xbox, watch CBS” at game time. The OneGuide area has a deep link to the game too.

CBS Sports has an app on Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system too. Unfortunately, those with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 will still need to watch the game the old-fashioned way. There’s no CBS Sports app on that platform.

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