I hope that you didn’t get attached to free downloads of Sunset Overdrive during the month of April. The start of a new month brings new games to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Games with Gold promotion. The foul-mouthed open-world game is on its way out the door, but there are a few exciting titles to pick up.

Defense Grid 2, Costume Quest 2 GRID 2 and Peggle make up the Xbox Live Games with Gold titles for the month of May. Games with Gold lets Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners with a paid subscription to Xbox Live add free digital copies of games to their library. Xbox One owners get to keep access to these games for as long as they have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Xbox 360 users can keep the games they get from the program even if they ditch their subscription after adding them to their collection. Any free games for Xbox 360 are available on Xbox One too, thanks to the Xbox Live Backwards Compatibility Program.

Defense Grid 2 for Xbox One is available today and sticks around until June 1st, according to Xbox Wire. Costume Quest 2 kicks off on May 16th before wrapping up on June 15th. It’s the game that’ll replace Sunset Overdrive. Grid 2 is available for free on Xbox 360 right now. It’ll be replaced by free downloads of Peggle on May 16th.

Get your free games while they’re hot folks. An Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

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