Sure, Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs didn’t set the world on fire. It did sell 9 million copies worldwide though, guaranteeing that the game publisher would definitely cook up a sequel. Today, we got our first quality leak. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Aiden Pearce’s rumored replacement.


Nah, I’m kidding. No person in their right mind would pay me to do motion capture. This picture comes by the way of a Cort King, who apparently did some motion capture for Watch Dogs 2 then plastered this image on his Instagram, according to IGN. No doubt he hadn’t realized that we have yet to hear any meaningful information about Watch Dogs 2 besides its launch sometime before Spring 2017.

Steve, a longtime reader of The en mentioned that this guy and I look pretty similar in a post on Facebook earlier today. I was flattered until I realized the other comments made all kinds of hipster jokes. In my defense, I’m only part hipster. Also, you have a better chance of digging up Richard Nixon and getting him to spill what’s’ on the Watergate tapes than getting me to wear a bandana around my face.

Expect to hear more about Watch Dogs 2 soon. Probably, at E3 2016, I’d say. I hope this guy gets a cool super-hero nickname that’s better than “The Vigilante.” What if they just called him, “Ether?” “Someone just got Ethered by a guy with a cellphone!”

I’d buy that.

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