Hold on to your grilling tongs for just one second there folks. I know you had this zany idea that you’d get out from in front of your living room television and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer this Memorial Day weekend but Microsoft has other plans for you. Instead, you’ll want to stay inside and play NBA 2K16 absolutely free.

Beginning this past Thursday and lasting until Midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, having an Xbox Live Gold subscription means that you can play NBA 2K16 at no additional charge. Of course, NBA 2K16 is last year’s entry in the massively successful series of basketball simulations cooked up by 2K Games and Visual Concepts. It featured big upgrades to Pro-AM, multiplayer upgrades and an all-new My Career Mode helmed by director Spike Lee.  Microsoft confirmed the promotion in a post on its Xbox Wire news blog a few weeks ago.

Once the promotion is over, you can buy the game from the Xbox Store for $59.99 and keep your game save. My advice would be to hold off on buying a digital copy and purchase a physical one, should like it. 2K Games and Visual Concepts are already teasing NBA 2K17.

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