In all honestly, I’m about as big of a Star Trek fan as you can possibly imagine. I’ve read the novels, I’ve watched all the series — sans The Original Series because there is only so much Kirk a sane person can handle. CBS All Access revealed a new Star Trek series was on the way earlier this year. At San Diego Comicon this weekend, the network detailed the title of the new show. Hold on to your captain’s chairs folks, I give you the USS Discovery of Star Trek Discovery.

CBS All Access revealed some very, very truncated footage from Star Trek Discovery on YouTube. In the footage you see the focus of the digital network’s upcoming show. Polygon reports that the new show won’t be episodic the way the other members of the franchise were. Viewers will get a single narrative a season instead of some of the season consisting of episodes that don’t fit into the season’s overall story. That’s all well in good. I welcome a tighter narrative.

The ship leaves something to be desired, in my opinion. The show takes place even before the original series, so there was only so much the designers could do, but man does it look like a someone took some building blocks and squashed them together. CBS All Access plans to air episodes of the show through its app in the United States and Netflix sometime in 2017.

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