Inside, we’re all just teenagers struggling to make it through junior high school and avoid dating everyone in our immediate vicinity. Ok, that’s not necessarily true, but back in the early 2000s there wasn’t a teen show as popular as Degreasi. Cancelled by Teen Nick and CTV, Netflix snatched up the rights to the half-hour drama a few years ago. First we got an additional season of the show rebranded as Degrassi Next Class. Next week we’ll get a special episode of show to mark its 500th airing — with Page, Marco, Liberty and some of the show’s earlier characters.

Netflix announced the special episode of Degrassi earlier today, complete with a trailer teasing the stars that’ll make an appearance. From the looks of things, Degreasi: Next Class is holding a reunion and lots of the old crew are invited. Craig, Paige, Emma, Spinner, Marco and Liberty are coming back to hang out with the show’s current cast. Everyone will get to watch the episode on July 22nd, according to Collider.

Degrassi has held a special place in my emotionally damaged heart ever sense I stumbled upon it the summer before starting high school. Here were fake teens, with real-world problems. It didn’t mater to me that they were also completely made-up and got themselves into more question situations than any supreme being would allow. Full disclosure, Liberty Van Zandt can still call me anytime. Degrassi was also the first time I got an introduction to Aubrey Graham, who become Drake and launch a million funny punchlines directed at Meek Mills.

Of course, Netflix costs $9.99 a month.

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