Video game demos have long been a thing of the past, but here comes Microsoft’s with its free game weekends for Xbox Live Gold users. Fresh off the heels of free EA Access and NBA 2K16, Microsoft is letting every Xbox One owner with an Xbox Live Gold subscription try Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege this weekend.

Free Rainbow Six Siege weekend began for Xbox Live Gold subscribers on July 28th and lasts until August 1st. Just download the game and you too can become a member of an elite team of combat operatives that go into hostile situations, ready to do what must be done. Rainbow Six Siege highlights team work and critical thinking. Players are able to break down walls and come up with elaborate plans to meet their objectives. The game’s story stars Angela Basset.

The standard extras for any free game apply to free Rainbow Six Siege weekend, according to Xbox Wire. When August 1st arrives, Xbox Live Gold users can purchase the digital version of the game at a discount. Game saves and any progress towards Achievements carries over.

If you don’t have an Xbox Live Gold account, you can purchase a month-long subscription for $9.99.

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