I’m a big fan of Microsoft Free Movie Weekend. Mainly, that’s because the promotion offers me the opportunity to enjoy at least one rental each month that I would have never gotten around to purchasing. This weekend, Microsoft Free Movie Weekend is back, only this time it’s bringing free rentals of Hyena Road along with it.

Banners went up for Microsoft Free Movie Weekend late last night. The returning promotion lets anyone in the United States with a Microsoft Account rent a movie of Microsoft’s choosing once a month. Back when the service was known as Xbox Video, the promotion was called Xbox Free Movie Weekend.

Hyena Road is set in Afghanistan and follows an expert sniper and his team as the search the torn country for a valuable target. This is a classic case of “I’d never watch this movie had it not be available for rental at no cost.” Microsoft Store movie rentals can be streamed to the Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8 and every device running Windows 10. Windows 10 users can also download the movie for viewing. Everyone has two weeks from the time they hit the “Rent” button to start it.

In conjunction with Microsoft Free Movie Weekend, the Windows Store is also discounting War, Sci-Fi and Action Movies.

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