Last winter I took a few weeks off from regular posting to write the Xbox One Timeline. I shared a link in a few different social networking sites. I awoke the next day to find that many of you loved it. Well, you probably know my modus operandi by now. If you guys love something, I’m bound to go and do it again. Last night I pushed out a major update to The en. That update included One Community Hub, an updated version of the Xbox One Timeline from last year.

Rather than rewrite the post from last year, I threw it out. This new version is more database than the original version. It’ll include every major community event for Xbox, eventually. Today it boasts every major Xbox One game release and feature coming through the rest of the year. Each game’s cover, release date and new features are included too. There’s a link to buy the games or accessories, with a small kick-back for us to support the site.

Check out One Hub

The One Community Hub breaks down everything in chronological order, just like the Xbox One Timeline. From a behind the scenes perspective, it was high-time to better integrate Timeline so that it’s easier to manage. Updates to the hub will occur every two weeks from today. That’s only possible because I don’t need to rewrite a large page every time there’s a new development. You can search for new games and upgrades directly from the search area in the top-right of your screen. My favorite reason for switching to a database model? The One Community Hub may appear in app stores by the time the holiday season roles around. That’s something that just wasn’t possible before.

Try out the One Community Hub and tell me what you think. If you have a game that I missed, email me at If you have a community event to add, send me the name of the event, the date and a link for more information. An image to include with the entry wouldn’t hurt either.

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