You’ve probably had a long week and all, but I’m here to breath new life into you die-hard football fans. Tonight on Xbox Live the National Football League returns with the Panthers vs Broncos game. How’s that for a Thursday afternoon pick me up?

The Panthers vs Broncos game kicks off tonight live at 8:30PM. Watch as Cam Newton shows what he’s made of. Look on as Denver proves whatever it is that NBC’s crack team of announcers say it has to prove. (While I like football, sports commentary is included in Satin’s list of shopping for the 9th Circle of Hell; I’m sure of it.)

Anyone with access to broadcast television can watch the game as it airs on NBC. Xbox One owners that don’t have a broadcast television antenna can try out Sling TV. The service basically repackages traditional cable as a streaming service for a flat fee. Users change their package based on their watching habits. You’ll want the Sling Blue package if you plan on making Thursday Night Football a weekly routine going forward. That package costs $25 a month. Right now, the service is running a 7-day long free trial. The NFL on Xbox app has access to games for a fee too. The team in those games just can’t be in the same market that you live in.

Of course, folks that have a Kinect and a cable box paired with their Xbox One don’t need to subscribe to Sling TV to watch the Panthers vs Broncos game. Just say, “Xbox, watch NBC” at game time and you’re all set.

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