If you’re anxious to try Electronic Arts’ most ambitious — and arguably, most historic game — before the final version launches, today is a good day. Electronic Arts and DICE recently kicked off the Battlefield 1 Open Beta to absolutely everyone that wants to take the time to download it.

The two announced that the Battlefield 1 Open Beta had kicked off recently on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PCs running Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Battlefield 1 is the developer’s must-have shooter this year. Rather than follow the crowd and create another futuristic shooter, the studio and publisher bet on history. The game takes place during the World War 1 when the Allied powers battled for control of Europe with the Central Power, mainly Germany and Austria-Hungary. The maps are huge, the weapons are brutal. The Tanks are — well they’re Tanks. You certainly don’t want to be in front of one. Horses are thrown in for good measure too. Online battles in this game can hold a pretty amazing 64 different players at one time.

Two of Battlefield 1’s multiplayer modes are available during the Open Beta: Conquest and Rush. The download for Xbox One is roughly 7GB. The PC version of the beta download is roughly the same size, but you’ll need to download it through Electronic Arts’ own Origin PC gaming service.

Battlefield 1 launches worldwide on October 21st.

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