Just in case you were under some strange delusion that Microsoft didn’t have plans to fully incorporate all of its games into its Xbox on Windows 10 portfolio of titles comes this news. Today developer 343 Industries rolled out Anvil’s Legacy, or what most people are just calling the September Halo 5 Update. The update includes a File Browser so that users don’t have to wade through profiles to find great Forge Mode creations. The update also marks the launch of Halo 5: Forge, a subset of Halo for Xbox on Windows gamers.

343 announced Anvil’s Legacy a few weeks ago, but it didn’t make the software upgrade available on Xbox One until this morning. The upgrade packs two new maps both set on the Arbiter’s home world. Plus some new REQ cards. REQ Cards are the one-time digital cards that players use to upgrade their character’s design permanently or get new weapons temporarily.

The star of the show is Halo 5: Forge though. It’s part of what Microsoft calls the Halo 5: Forge Bundle. Forge Mode itself is included in the free download plus a companion app that allows users to learn more about the Halo universe and find people to play with. Forge lets gamers take assets developed by 343 Industries and create whatever they want. A while back someone crafted a Quidditch game using the sandbox.

Forge creators on PC can play the things that they make with other users, Microsoft says.

Go ahead and download the Halo 5: Forge bundle from the Windows Store right now. Xbox One owners should get prompted to download the September Halo 5 Update the next time they open the game. That’s only if you have automatic software updates disabled.

I might use this September Halo 5 Update as an excuse to dive back into the game and see how much its changed since I published that Halo 5 review last fall.

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