Video game publisher and developer Ubisoft has finally revealed all the details surrounding its Watch Dogs 2 season pass for Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4. I doubt you’ll be surprised by much here, accept the price.

The announcement of the Watch Dogs 2 season pass came this week in a post on the Ubiblog. For those keeping track, Watch Dogs 2 arrives on store shelves November 15th. Yeah, they cut it pretty close to the release. What’s more pre-orders already started.

The T-Bone Content Bundle arrives on December 13th for PlayStation 4 gamers. It includes a truck, an outfit and adds a new difficulty level for all of the game’s co-operative play, with an enemy type. Human Conditions is a seven hour story related mission that also includes co-operative play and another new enemy type. It won’t launch until next spring. No Compromise deals with the Russian Mafia and adds another co-operative play mode that forces players to survive increasingly dangerous enemies. (If you think that sounds a lot like Horde Mode from Gears of War 4, you aren’t the only one.)

The Root Access Bundle includes the Zodiac Killer Mission that Ubisoft is also giving away as a pre-order bonus. There’s some weapons, a drone skin and new outfits. This one launches this winter. Finally, there’s the Psychedelic Pack. It contains a new weapon, a drone, and a car. It’ll be available the same day the game is.

So how much will all of this content cost you? $39.99 separately from the game, which is probably at the top of what people are willing to pay for a season pass. You can buy Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition and get the season pass in one swoop for $99.99.

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