Admittedly, I’m a recent recruit to the annual phenomenon that is N7 Day. In fact, today was the first time I ever celebrated the Mass Effect series’ annual heyday. I wasn’t around for the first two games in the series, and decided it wasn’t worth ruining the franchise by only playing the third. Electronic Arts and developer Bioware made my first N7 Day one to remember though. This morning the company shared a new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer and more.

The new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer was the first part of the company’s N7 Day celebration to go live. Celebrated every November 7th, N7 is a reference to the Normandy and the first three games in the series. The trailer only reveals bits of new story related details. It doesn’t include a lot of in-game footage for Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s missing an official release date and gameplay footage.

We did learn about the game’s story. Mass Effect Andromeda will focus on a male or female named Ryder as they arrive in the Andromeda galaxy to create a new homeworld. Rather than be flip sides of the same character, the two Ryder characters that players can choose from are twins, with both featuring prominently in the game’s story. Scott and Sarah Ryder are played by Fryda Wolff and Tom Taylorson. The former is most known for Civilization: Beyond Earth. Taylorson last appeared in Octodad: Deadliest Catch. The twins will be joined by their father, Alec Ryder, played by Clancy Brown. He’s best known for doing the voice of Lex Luthor in Justice League, according to Game Informer. The outlet will have reveals related to the game running throughout November.

Elsewhere, there’s more to share. Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 2 joined the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program earlier today. That means that anyone who still has a physical copy of those games can experience them on Xbox One. Gamers can buy them digitally too. The first game in the series has been available through the program for ages. There’s a new women’s line of accessories available for pre-order at Think Geek too.

Having joined the Bioware appreciation squad after buying and enjoying Dragon Age: Inquisition on a whim, I’m happy that we’re getting closer to a release. EA says that it still plans to launch Mass Effect Andromeda in spring 2017.

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