If you don’t have much in the way of video games to play this weekend, Microsoft has you covered with more than its Xbox Black Friday 2016 deals. It’s Free NBA 2K17 Weekend again folks.

Beginning today, anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account can download NBA 2K17 from the Xbox Store and play. Microsoft periodically does this for users as an additional perk to getting an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Xbox Live Gold costs $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year. I wouldn’t necessarily buy a subscription for just Free NBA 2K17 Weekend, but there are some other perks that come in handy. Mainly, they’re multiplayer and discount related.

Free NBA 2K17 Weekend ends on November 21st at the stroke of midnight. The game is completely unlocked, meaning all the achievements and modes are available, if you should decide to purchase the game, your save transfers over.

To take advantage, just download the game from the Xbox Store. When Monday dawns, you can go ahead and delete the game. No charge to your credit card, no foul.

Maybe I’ll dive back in for a few hours this weekend so you good folks can school me on proper scoring tactics. Gamertag: Harlem.

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