I don’t know about you, but it’s after 6PM the day after a four-day weekend, and I’m dying here. I’ve got no more steam left for this year. I might even call it a day and go back into hibernation. I Joke, you know I missed you folks. You probably don’t miss me though because you’re too busy playing games on your new Xbox One.

I’ve got Google Analytics data that tells me many of you out there purchased an Xbox One, or you were given one for the holidays. Xbox Handbook chapters are through the roof on traffic right now. While I start kicking tires and getting the old content pump primed again, I figured it was time to bring back From The Social posts for a little two-way communication.

So gaming and entertainment fiends, what did you get? Did you find your stockings filled with vintage Mariah Carey albums? Did you get tickets to see Assassin’s Creed? Have you taken advantage of the Xbox and Steam end-of-the-year sales?

Show me what you got. (That was not an intentional reference to Jay-Z. I promise.) I’m gonna go ahead and start rolling out new entries to the One Community.

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