The holidays may be just about over, but Microsoft’s Xbox Countdown Sale is moving into its second week, and there’s lots of savings to be had in the Xbox Store and Windows Store. Watch Dogs 2, for example, is just $35.99.

The second week of the Xbox Countdown Sale rolls out in the United States in just a few hours. Cheap Ass Gamer has managed to get a detailed list of the savings from local and international versions of Xbox Live. Joining Watch Dogs 2 in the discount bin are $30 copies of Watch Dogs 2 and Steep for just $41.99. Quantum Break is just $30. The Witcher 3 is just $20.Dead Rising 4 is $40.19. Rocket League is $11.99.

It’s not just big-name games that are on sale. The smaller titles are too. Ark: Survival Evolved is $20.99. Batman: A Telltale Series is free, with subsequent chapters selling for $11.99 all together. My friends over at XBLA Fans have the details and a complete genre guide on all of the independently developed titles on sale through 2017.

Remember to get all of the savings you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription, which is conveniently on sale for $1 to newcomers.

The Xbox Countdown Sale may finally convince me to give Batman: The Telltale Series a try; I shall not tell a lie.

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