For one night only, your gaming privileges have been suspended because everyone wants to use the big television in your living room to watch Super Bowl LI. I feel for you but don’t be coy. You secretly want to watch too. Tonight on Xbox Live, you can. Actually, anyone can.

Thanks to Fox’s decision to lower its sign in requirements. For the duration of the pre-game show and Super Bowl LI, the Fox Sports Go app for Xbox One and other platforms will not require a user name from a cable or satellite provider. Don’t have Comcast cable? That’s no problem at all. Killed off your DirecTV subscription to save cash? That doesn’t matter.

This means that you can watch the game in high-definition without subscribing to a cable package. If you’d like to still play games, you can do that too. Just use the NFL on Xbox app’s tracker to keep abreast of changes in the score. Don’t forget to snap the television app to the side of your display if your Xbox is paired with a cable box. I’d take advantage of the snap feature while you still can, Microsoft has done away with it in new versions of the software that powers Xbox One.

Super Bowl LI kicks off at 6:30PM Eastern Standard Time.

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