This weekend’s big Falcons vs Patriots battle during Super Bowl LI isn’t the only excuse you need this weekend to head to your local electronics retailer and purchase a television that roughly takes up 80% of your living room wall. The other event that some folks have waited a year for is almost at hand. This weekend on Xbox Live, at least some of you will be able to enjoy the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta.

Ubisoft announced Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands at the tail end of 2015. Since then, it’s promised an open-world experience for players to trek through as they shut down a huge drug cartel controlling Bolivia. The final version of Ghost Recon Wildlands is set to launch on March 7th.

This Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta will lucky Xbox One and Windows PC users access to a single province in the sprawling game world, plus the game’s co-operative play experience. Side activities plus a few story missions will be available. Character and weapon customization will be available too. Props to the guy or girl that makes a Kimbo Slice looking character first.

Those that successfully registered for the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta can already begin downloading the files they need from Xbox Live and UPlay. You need only redeem your code, which should have arrived in your email inbox by now. Play starts at 6AM Eastern Standard Time on February 3rd. Don’t forget to share the extra code provided in the email with your friends.

Be sure to get in as much time with the Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta as you possibly can. It wraps up as suddenly as it came on February 6th.

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