The worst kept secret in gaming was that there’d be a follow-up to Destiny launching this calendar year. Thanks to today’s official Destiny 2 reveal, we know when that game will launch. Pre-order now and Destiny 2 will be on your Xbox One or Windows PC this September.

Bungie and Activision confirmed when Destiny 2 would launch early this morning. The game, which they say will have a tighter focus on narrative, arrives on stores shelves September 8th. We’re not used to worldwide Friday launches for big-name games, but at least you’ll have all weekend to enjoy it free from your usually mid-week worries. The PC release is a huge deal. Bungie took no end of criticism for criticism for not bringing the first Destiny to PC gamers. Xbox 360 and PS3 are being left out in the cold this time around.

The two have already confirmed that character personalization — your character’s cosmetics — will transfer over to Destiny 2. Unfortunately, gear and skills won’t. A Destiny 2 Beta is planned for this summer. Everyone will be able to try the game, but those that pre-ordered will get access first.

You can pre-order Destiny 2 now, though I recommend taking some time to seriously consider all the different versions that’ll be available at launch. Bungie has a terrific pre-order tool here.

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