I interrupt your mild, sunny evening to bring you news of something important. Microsoft has launched its often teased Xbox Spring Sale, and the deals on video games, television shows, music and movies are deep.

Microsoft launched the Xbox Spring Sale this morning officially, though it’d been teasing the sale since late last week. Each year, the company discounts everything that it sells to users. Last year, there was some steep savings on Batman: Arkham Knight that not even I could pass up. This year’s deals are equally epic.

First there’s the Xbox Design Lab discount to consider. Microsoft is slashing the cost of a custom controller by $15. I’ve talked about how great Xbox Design Lab is before; my custom red controller was made on the online service.

The Xbox Spring Sale games discounts are pretty mild. The company is lowing the price of games for everyone, then discounting them again for subscribers of Xbox Live Gold. Battlefield 1 is just $35.99. Halo Wars 2 is $38.99, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is $38.99 and Destiny The Collection is $30. There are plenty more games and downloadable content where that came from. Check out the completely list of Xbox Spring Sale discounted games here. Be sure to log in to the Microsoft Account you use for Xbox Live Gold on your console to see the full extent of the savings.

The movies and television show deals included in the Xbox Spring Sale don’t require a Gold subscription. If you move now you can save on entire seasons of Big Bang Theory, Avatar The Legend of Kora and more. Some big budget movies are available on the cheap too, like Olympus Has Fallen, Harry Potter and Jack Reacher. Just don’t buy Lucy. Believe me that’s not something you want to experience after the first time.

All the deals last until April 17th.

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