Sure, I’m late to the game with my yearly breakdown of how to watch the NBA Playoffs on Xbox One, but don’t fret. I’m back from vacation and eager to school you on how you can watch the greatest sports tournament of 2017 yet on your entertainment console. Let’s do it.

The 2017 NBA Playoffs kicked off last month, but you can checkout the Raptors vs Cavaliers game on TNT tonight. It’s already airing as this post is going live. Rockets vs Spurs are coming up 9:30 PM Eastern Time. TNT will air the NBA Playoffs from now until the semifinal on May 15th.

Of course, there’s the classic way to watch the 2017 NBA Playoffs on Xbox One: your cable box. If you’ve connected the console to your cable, simply use the OneGuide to turn to TNT. Your Kinect sensor will take you to the playoffs with just the “Hey Xbox, Watch TNT” voice command. Those that have turned on the Cortana personal assistant should substitute “Hey Xbox” with Hey Cortana.” You might also want to reconsider your life’s choices, because Cortana on Xbox One is a wreck.

Verizon killed off its Xbox One app, so that’s a no go. Comcast never offered one either. Those living the cable-free a way of life can enjoy the 2017 NBA Playoffs through Sling TV. That’s the digital cable network that debuted a few years ago. Sling TV has TNT as a part of its cheapest, basic package. My advice would be to avail yourself of the service’s free trial. Trials last for seven days; the service is $20 a month after. If you’re interested in getting a subscription, be sure to check out the extend Sling TV review that I did a few years ago.

Sling TV for Windows 10 is a thing too.

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