I can’t impress upon you enough how good idea it is to not play NBA 2K18’s MyCareer mode for now. If you can’t resist, know that you could wind up losing your game save, Virtual Currency or both. There’s a dangerous bug in the game that’s breaking game saves, according to players and 2K Games.

Again, this is not a drill. If you attempt to play MyCareer, on NBA 2K18, you could lose your game save. Xbox One owners that got access to the game for Early Tip-Off Weekend began reporting their game saves had disappeared late Saturday. The bug, which only seems to damage MyCareer saves, is widespread and indiscriminate. According to reports on r/NBA2K it takes away all character progression and in-game cash that you’ve saved through playing games and signing endorsement deals. Of course, you also get Virtual Currency by spending real-world money or pre-ordering the game, making this problem that much more dangerous.

2K Games Support, NBA 2K18’s publisher, confirmed the issue on social networking site Twitter late Sunday night, telling users its teams were working on solving the problem. Today, there’s a patch for the game, but at least one Reddit user reports losing Virtual Currency with that patch.

If you don’t have to play NBA 2K18 tonight – and really who does – wait until 2K Games confirms that this patch fixes these bugs. Officially, NBA 2K18 doesn’t launch on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Windows PCs until tomorrow, September 19th.

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