Cuphead is finally available on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam. Also, this game’s art style is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen in a video game.

Indie game maker StudoMDHR Entertainment released Cuphead this past Friday, September 29th, and I can’t stop looking at screenshots people have captured already. I love the passion that it took for the studio’s artists to create visuals for the game; each frame was hand drawn. Its visual style mimics a 1930’s cartoon too, which is why drawing every frame for the run and gun game was necessary.

But seriously folks, look at a couple of the villains that you must escape in Cuphead and tell me that they don’t freak you out too. There’s an angry cigar in one frame and he’s backed up by a cigarette with batwings. A black devil sits in what I assume are the fiery depths of hell in another part of the game. It all seems very creepy and deep on a level my adult, Magic School Bus Rides Again loving mind comprehend. People who’ve already played tell me it’s the game to buy if you’re ready for a challenge.

Cuphead is $19.99 in the Microsoft Store right now, and buying a copy of the game unlocks another version that’s available through the Windows Store. You can also get Cuphead on Steam. Just be sure to keep the lights on as you play.

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