Grab your Xbox controller and trade in your real-life face mask for a virtual one. You can play the NHL 19 Beta tonight on Xbox Live.

The NHL 19 Beta starts today, July 26th, and last’s until August 2nd. During that time, anyone with an Xbox One and an internet connection can try some of the game’s features. The beta includes the same gameplay and lots of the final game’s character customization, two features EA Sports hopes you will buy the game to get your hands on this September. The beta also includes some online multiplayer, but you must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to get that working.

Download the NHL 19 Beta from the Microsoft Store to get started. I recommend doing so before you’re ready to play; the NHL 19 Beta client requires a 20GB download. You don’t wait to get stuck gazing at a progress bar during game time.

NHL 19 officially launches on September 14th. If you pre-order Ultimate Edition or Legends Edition, you get your copy of the game on September 11th.

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