You know that guy that just has to buy copies of his favorite movies so that he can watch them over and over again? I’m him, and that’s why I’m hoping what’s revealed in a leaked promotional video for Movies Anywhere is true. If it is, I’ll finally be able to buy a movie on Xbox One and watch it on my Galaxy S8+ or iPhone again.

Walking Cat, a leaker with a solid reputation for getting his hands on accurate info before Microsoft is ready to reveal anything to the public, posted a marketing video for Movies Anywhere to his Twitter account earlier today. The video simply explains how the service works. It also lists Microsoft Movies & TV as being one of its partners.

Honestly, Movies Anywhere is the best thing to happen to digital media since Apple stopped selling music files with copy protection. If it happens, movies you purchase on your Xbox One or Windows PC will instantly be available on iPhones, iPads, Macs, Kindle Fire tablets and Android smartphones. I’ve experienced this magic first hand — Microsoft had a partnership with Movies Anywhere back when it was Disney Movies Anywhere and only offered movies made by Disney. Today, any movie made by Disney, Universal, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros or Sony Pictures qualifies. This is the service I mentioned in my How to Watch Your iTunes Movies Anywhere explainer from a few months back.

For me, the best part about Movies Anywhere support is that it gets me closer to having all my media available on whatever device I want. Every book I own is available in a Kindle app; every magazine I’ve spent money on is in Nook and every song I cared enough to buy I have as an MP3. Being able to take most of my massive movie collection with me on any device would get me closer to completing the puzzle. (I’ve got a massive collection of TV shows I purchased on Xbox too.)

I should also say that Movies Anywhere allows me to be a cheapskate. If a movie qualifies for the program, I buy it wherever it’s cheapest.

Look out for news about Microsoft Movies & TV getting Movies Anywhere support soon. If this does happen, I’d expect for Microsoft to begin shouting about this partnership from rooftops. iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU and Fandango Now already work with the service.

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