Sometimes, it falls on a noble breed to dispense life advice so key that it can change everyone’s perception of you. Case in point: Whatever you do, do not buy black earbuds. You’ll end up cutting your life expectancy in half.

I spent weeks researching the best truly wireless headphones, and that’s how I settled on the Samsung Gear Icon X 2018 earbuds I reviewed for The en a few months back. They’re tiny and have built-in storage for music. If you’re the kind of person who really hates cables, they’re great.

Unfortunately, I purchased a black pair, and my desk faces a wall. That’s despite Samsung offering a silver option. To make matters worse, every day I forget to turn on the earbuds’ external microphones so that I can hear people when they enter my office at work. The result? I knock over everything and die a bit inside every time someone taps me on the shoulder because they think I’m outright ignoring them.

File another edition of Trav in Real Life under life advice. Don’t be like me.

Trav in Real Life is a collection of random musings.

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