A new report attempts to answer the question I’ve asked myself every time I see Dragon Age Inquisition in my Xbox games collection: Where in the name of Solas is Dragon Age 4?

It turns out, we don’t have a Dragon Age 4 yet because Bioware, the series’ developer, has started and killed a version of the game already. It’s now on its second iteration, and it could be years before we actually get it on our consoles. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier revealed those details and more in his report, The Past and Present of Dragon Age 4. Fun fact: Mass Effect Andromeda gets name checked in the piece too.

This reboot also explains why Bioware went with that super slim and mysterious teaser trailer when it publically confirmed Dragon Age 4 was in production at the Game Awards 2018. If this report is accurate, there’s barely anything finished to show.

Another fun fact: I never did finish the Dragon Age Inquisition DLC. Like an idiot, I only had a single game save and got stuck. Laugh, you know you want to. Also, the above picture is my real character in the game.

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