Project Scarlett is Microsoft’s next Xbox gaming console. It launches “Holiday 2020.”

Microsoft announced Project Scarlett during its Xbox E3 2019 Media Briefing. From the video the company debuted at the show (posted above), we know that Project Scarlett will have a solid state drive that’s so fast the console will be able to use it as RAM and load games faster. We also know that it’s more powerful than Xbox One X, despite launching only two years after that console did.

Microsoft is so confident in Project Scarlett that it’s already announced the console’s launch game: Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, we don’t know how much it will cost yet.

Oh, and Project Scarlett is not the new console’s official name. Ever since Project Natal, the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360, Microsoft has given every major project the Xbox Team is working on a code name. The company will probably announce the console’s official name the same day it reveals what the console actually looks like.

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