We all get wrapped up in the hype surrounding advancements in entertainment and technology. Most of us just know that purchasing this one new thing, this new idea that’s never been done right will change our lives. A lot of time that’s not what happens. We buy these things and we forget the most important parts of the equation. For smartphones, it’s all about that applications you can load onto it. For Microsoft’s Xbox One, I’d argue it’s all about the software features and the Kinect for Xbox One sensor.

The Kinect PDP Mount is as inglorious an accessory as anything you’ve ever seen. It’s a black piece of plastic that sits on top of your television and holds the Kinect for Xbox One sensor so it can see your entire room. It’s not exciting, no piece of technology that simply holds another can be. Still, it’s an absolute necessity.

Kinect PDP Mount Review – How it All Works

How it All Works

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Unpack the Kinect PDP Mount and here’s what you get: two pieces of plastic. No, I’m not joking. The bigger, rectangular piece of plastic with the screw sticking out of the bottom and some kind of vice grip apparatus attached at the bottom is the holder for the Kinect for Xbox One sensor itself.

When you first unpack the stand, you might think that it’s a good idea to simply twist your Kinect for Xbox One sensor on the device itself. Please don’t do that. Instead, there’s a dial facing the back of the Kinect PDP Mount that allows you to make the connection between the two.

A sort of vice-like hinge and an extended lip keep the Kinect PDP Mount in place and upright. You push the extended hinge forward or backward so that the weight of your Kinect for Xbox One sensor sits upright.

The second piece of plastic included with the Kinect PDP Mount is a privacy filter. There’s an entire generation of people all walking around with an array of microphones and two video cameras, but for some reason having the Kinect for Xbox One sensor stare back at them from their television set day after day bothers some people. The privacy filter acts as an eye patch, leaving the Xbox One blind to your movements. It can still hear you though, so voice commands are still as convenient a way to control your console as ever.

You need the Kinect PDP Mount if you have your television mounted or just don’t want the sensor sitting on your entertainment system.

Kinect PDP Mount Review – It Does Its Price Justice

It Does Its Price Justice

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The Kinect PDP Mount is utilitarian in nature. As such, the question you have to ask yourself isn’t “Is the Kinect PDP Mount any good for my needs?” Instead, the question to ask is “Does it do what it is intended to do well?” I’d say it simply behaves as expected.

First, the Kinect PDP Mount is pretty ugly. For $20 you get some of the cheapest looking shiny plastic you’ve probably ever accounted. For some reason, this thing has more gloss on it than any television you’re likely planning on attaching it to. The giant extended lip holds your Kinect in place, but it takes away from the sleek look of your thin television and Kinect for Xbox One sensor combo. Second, I hate the hinge and extension that props the Kinect PDP Mount up in the back. It feels cheap and easily breakable. In fact, I was relieved when I realized I’d only simply bent the apparatus when going through the setup process.

Lastly, there’s that pesky privacy filter. I don’t hate it, but I do worry about someone uncovering their Kinect for Xbox One sensors camera and sticking it on the right side to cover up the glowing Xbox One logo. It complete blocks everything, including the infrared sensor that allows the Xbox One to communicate with television sets, cable boxes and audio equipment. It took me a long time before I figured out that was a problem. That’s not so much a knock as it is something to stay aware of.

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Kinect for PDP Mount Review – The Verdict

The Verdict

You can’t give something like the Kinect PDP Mount for Xbox One a bad review. It only has two jobs really. It’s the Kinect PDP Mount’s job to hold up your sensor and keep your private moments private – as if they weren’t already private. It’s unattractive and costs a bit too much for its so-so build quality, but it does the job. I will say this, the dial that you use to attach your Kinect for Xbox One sensor with the mount itself is a nice touch.


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The Kinect PDP Mount for Xbox One does what it's supposed to do, I just wish it did it a bit more stylishly and didn't feel so brittle.
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