A little envious of that software update we took a look at last month? Are you wondering what treasure trove of untold goodies it holds? Well first again you can calm down remember it’s nothing to Earth shattering(again see your review). Second why do you go download it for yourself?  Just hit the ‘Check for Update’ button in your Zune software’s settings and join the fun. All told the speed improvements and streaming really are great. And don’t forget to tell us what you think.

Breaking: We’re getting multiple reports of issues when trying to download Zune HD apps with Zune 4.7. According to Microsoft this isn’t a problem that was created by the update to Zune 4.7 and will be fixed as soon as possible. (Update: 8:38pm) The problem has now been fixed. That’s via Matt Akers of the Zune software team. Thanks to KW