Thought you were at the beginning of a quiet news cycle eh? Not so fast. It seems sometime this weekend Microsoft made some changes to the Channels area in Zune Marketplace.

Starting today (we assume), premium channels like Funkmaster Flash Weekly, and American Top 40 channels will no longer be updated on your device and at this moment in time no longer appear in the Zune  Marketplace. We’ve also noticed that many of the fitness podcasts have also gone the way of the Gigapet. A few months back ZuneInsider and Program Manager  for the Cross Screens Entertainment Team; Jessica Zune noted that some some channels we’re being shown the door but didn’t mention specifics. Channels, a feature that made it’s debut and Zune 3.0 and were a corner stone of the way the Zune service was to help everyone find even more music, similar to the way SmartDJ works. It’s also telling that while it was included in the software ahead of SmartDJ it is a feature that does appears on Zune on XBOX; it doesn’t appear on any of this years Zune releases including Windows Phone 7, Kin, or Zune on Xbox.