With the MVP Summit just under a month away, it’s important for to Zune & myself told start getting feedback on just what the community would like to see come out of an update Zune software, Zune Hardware, and Zune Services.

Your opinion counts! I’ll be creating forum topics at ZuneSpring, Zunerama, Zunited, ZuneEgg, and Zunehome, so feel free to post at your favorite forums, or in the comments here. As you guys add to each respective area, I’ll compile them here. Let’s get brainstorming folks!

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  1. 1. Podcast downloading/streaming on device

    2. Webkit support in the browser so web apps for the iPod Touch work

    3. Ability to add custom info/pictures for artists that appear on the device (ie. the artist has none available from zune)

    4. App SDK along side of the current one meant just for games

    5. Ability to remove an album/artist/song from your picks forever
    – Basically if something shows up you should be able to push a button that says “remove pick”. The same effect would happen is a broken heart was put on a pick.

    6. Picks should not recommend items already in your collection
    – If I have DC Talk (or any other artist) in my collection it should not be showing up as a artist pick, same for songs even if on the same album. This could be resolved by allowing for removing of a pick.

    7. Ability to have no explicit content show up in Picks, this should be something besides a Parent Control.
    – I want to be able to go into my account settings and turn it off

    8. Option to enable automatic scrolling to better fit names of songs/artists/cd’s on the screen when selecting music

    9. Screen capture ability

    10. Crossfade
    – Fading into one song as it fades out of another

    11. Add Lyric Support
    – Even if they are user added

    12. More Audio Codecs/Containers
    – WAV
    – FLAC
    – OGG Vorbis
    – MP3HD

    13. Wi-Fi Stuff
    – Connect to ad-hoc networks
    – Connect to networks that require certificates
    – Connect to AP that is not broadcasting a SSID
    – Connect to WPA Enterprise and WPA2 Enterprise
    – Connect to networks requiring an acceptance of terms
    – Make the W-Fi icon a toggle switch

  2. Ok, Josh got some of mine, like Podcast Support, App SDK, Screen Capture, Better Browser, But I’d also love:
    1.Larger Album Art, so we can see the details better. Sometimes waiting to get lucky on the now playing screen isn’t good enough
    2.Allow Higher Res on Pictures. I wanna show off the details on the Zune’s beautiful screen, but making the pics so low res kind of defeats that. At least let us choose the size we want to put on
    3.Allow a sort by rating option on the player. Dunno why this doesn’t exist
    4. Tabbed Browsing. Please??
    5. Black playlists are nice, but can we change the color ourselves?
    6. Forums Support on the Web Browser

    Thats all, but I’ll come back if I think of anything else

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