Those who follow the ZuneSpring on my personal Twitter will know that tomorrow starts a big week for us. First at Mobile World Conference Microsoft is preparing for what could very well be the keynote to make or break Steve Ballmer’s career as well as change the face of both Windows Mobile & Zune alike. Also I’ll be heading to Microsoft’s Redmond Campus for what surely will be one of the most exciting experiences of my life, the MVP Summit. Because of both of these event’s I’ll be taking the week off from my full time job. You know what that means, an entire week to bring ZuneSpring up to where it should be without interference from the real world. Tell me what new areas you would like to see, or where no frontiers you would like us to venture into. I will not stop until this site is the best it can possibly be and that involves each and every person who reads, and enjoys what we do here.

On a much more different note tomorrow as I mentioned earlier officially kick starts my career as a Microsoft MVP whoever that also means that things here may change slightly. Over the four years I’ve offered my wit, my humor, and more importantly my speculation on what Microsoft will do next, that last bit may very well end tomorrow. My Non Disclosure Agreement prevents me from talking about things that Microsoft has yet to reveal or allowed me to reveal. I know what your thinking “That means you can speculate!” You’re right. It completely allows for that, however as I found out just weeks ago, I can not ignore the repercussions that having the words “MVP” near my name carry. Every time I say something there will be a certain percentage who will monitor what I say just as I did to other MVPs before I became one.  There are people who will think I know things that I don’t and make implications based solely on my assumptions. In the future I’ll continue to speculate, I couldn’t do my job If I didn’t however know that anything that comes from this site and is speculation, will be marked and should be treated as just my opinion and nothing more.

Oh a much brighter note though once again I want to think all of you for making this possible. I wouldn’t be boarding a flight tomorrow had you not visited the site and patronized our sponsors. I wouldn’t have been considered as a candidate for being an MVP if you hadn’t read my incredibly long and sometimes drab articles.I pledge to make you proud this week, and for now on. Thanks to you a very different ZuneSpring is just getting it’s first break. We are ZuneSpring, now socializing.

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