With Mobile World Conference just days away, why not speculate and let our minds go crazy? Why not get carried away with anticipation culminating in a massive outburst of overzealous excitement? Because that wouldn’t be the ZuneSpring way, instead we’ve called in friend of the show MaryJo Foley of ZiffDavis to give us all the dish on how Microsoft might attempt to knock our socks off on Monday. All that plus your MailBag questions, Social Report, and FreePicks! Remember to email us travis@zunespring.com

Bandwidth Update
Looks like the one hour shows are starting to catch up with us. This week’s episode is brought to you by Cruleworld’s Lifestream @ T03.us, who is providing bandwidth until I can find a more sustainable solution to our growth problem.

On the Show this week:

Saturday Night @ the Movies: Bill Maher’s Religulous
TravisPick “A Little Bit” Drake featuring Likii Li
FreePick “Technology” Mayday

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