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Hmm so you went to bed last night thinking you knew all there was to know about the forthcoming ZuneHD 4.5 update didn’t you? You awoke this morning only dreaming of the eternal happiness that could come from Xvid or DivX format, and nothing else? We’ll I’ve got a little news for you. There’s more where that came from.

Picks will also be making their way to your ZuneHD, allowing you to use Zune Marketplace’s star feature to pick up music more relevant to your tastes. And then there’s more ZuneHD dock love too! To quote:

“Using the Zune HD A/V dock, you can connect your Zune HD to your TV to play your favorite videos and music from your device on the big screen. With this software update, you’ll also be able to browse and stream music from Zune Marketplace directly on your TV to find and listen to your favorite music from the comfort of your couch. You can browse New Releases, check out recommendations from your Picks page, search for a specific song or artist, or even create a new Smart DJ playlist on your big screen – a great way to make an instant soundtrack for your next party.”

So to sum it all up sometime soon you’ll be able play more videos natively on your ZuneHD device, stock up on music using TV out and the HD dock, oh, and discover new music effectively. Sounds like a good Spring to me! No word on when it’s coming though so folks, get excited.

“Stars” should be reffered to as Heart/Broken heart. I wrote this right in the middle of an editorial.

6 Comments on “We’ve Got More On the Zune 4.5”

  1. Wow This Is Great *Cough *Sarcasm
    You Asked Us For Features We Wanted ANd Maybe They Would Make It Into >>Zune 5.0<< Zune 4.5?? When Did This Come About. I Know You Saw My List And I'm Not Saying Anything Was Like Amazingly important BUT they were all totally possible. We Don't Have Crap For Features, Ok Yes We Do, We Are A Better MUSIC Player Than The Whole Brand Of Ipod, But I Bought This Thing for 3 reasons, Music, Fun Apps (Wide Library Infact), And Because MS/Zune Claims this to be 'The Social' All I See In This Is A Facebook/Twitter App And A Social Menu In Which U Can Read A Message And Not Do Anything With, Heck If You Want A Convorsation, That is like texting u might as well send each other a song with a message attached, obviously if u can send a message with a song u should be able to send a message. Smart DJ is great and all but really, thats the only MAJOR thing we have, besides marketplace on the zune but ill be honest, the only thing i download from the marketplace is podcasts and apps, there free! I Use A Program, yes illegaly to download my music cause im not, well havent decided, that im going to pay 15 bucks a month, im a cheap skate.
    Hopefully 5.0 Comes WIth Open App Marketplace, If Not….Bye Bye Zune….HELLLOOOOO WIde Aray Of Apps Ipod Touch

    And Im Sorry Im A Crappy Commenter, I Just Want The Services We Need

  2. @Cole: Don’t apologize for your comments at all, Infact we value them here. Now here’s the problem. I mean to ask for features you might want in a 5.0 release not a 4.5 release, so i’ll look at that post and correct it if I made that mistake.

    Now here’s where it gets interesting. I would imagine that features take a while to create, so having just asked about potential features a month ago, there’s no way on god’s green earth those features would be ready by now. There’s no way they could design, code, and debug a new feature in that time. Now if none of our requests are in 5.0 maybe you’ve got a beef there. Also I don’t understand how you purchased a Zune for a wide array of apps seeing how there was never talk about an SDK from Microsoft nor were there alot of apps. If you were looking for a wide selection of apps i’m curious why you didn’t just buy an iPod Touch. Any who email or better yet, join the forums so we can talk more. As it is the main site only has a certain amount of characters that it will allow before deeming you a spammer.

  3. Just To Clarify, Not Trying To Be Annoying, I Don’t understand why they don’t have a wide array, i mean they make all these menus and Excel! Example Music-Zune Pass Freaking Awesome, Video- HD Movies, Awesome, Pictures-Great Quality, Podcast-Wonderful, Including Zune Spring!, Um Well Apps- This Menu Is Like Rudolph, right now it doesn’t fit it but, if santa/zune, needs its help to fly/raise sells, Everyone will shout with glee, like me!
    thanks travis

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