Free Music Monday: Death Cab for Cutie

I thought we’d start your work week off with a little uh… well I’m not entirely sure what genre it is, but Death Cab for Cutie reminds me of one of those independent sound bands who play music because they like playing music.

(Shouts to Icewolfer93 for the tracks! You rock bro.)

My terrible characterization aside they do have a very solid sound, and if rock and acoustics are what you’re into then download these tracks this Monday free of charge.

Bend to Squares
From Something About Airplanes

Prove My Hypotheses
From You Can Play These Songs with Chords

Company Calls Epilogue (alternate)
From the Forbidden Love E.P.

Champagne From A Paper Cup (live)

405 (acoustic)
From the Forbidden Love E.P.

And don’t forget to support these guys if you like what you hear. There’s nothing more brave then looking a record company in the face and saying we want to give some of our songs away for free.

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