The last couple of weeks I’ve put everyone through some of the longest Sunday Sitdowns the site has ever seen. We’ve talked about issues that pleased some and pissed off a few so this week I wanted to talk about something not of a serious nature. As it turns out it just wouldn’t be a Sunday Sitdown then would it?

However I will keep it short and sweet. Tomorrow Microsoft is widely expected to flesh out the details on Project Pink or what many think is a new entry into the mobile phone market. To me this seems ridiculous. Why another mobile platform other then Zune and Windows Phone 7?

2 Comments on “Sunday Sitdown: Some Bad Ideas are Just Bad Ideas”

  1. I agree I think Microsoft needs to consolidate on the things they already have, and working on perfecting the integration between their already current platforms and programs. Don’t add another isolated project to the mix… (For example enhance the functionality between Zune and the 360)

    Unless they are somehow incorporating this “Project Pink” flawlessly to enhance their other products and vice versa forget it…

  2. I actually find this to be a rather smart entry for Microsoft.

    This gives them another ‘price point’ on which to compete. For people who want an ‘all-in-one’ device, but don’t need all the bells & whistles this fits them.

    Windows Phone 7 goes more for the higher end market who need a device that’s can do business & pleasure.

    Zune goes straight for the media enthusiast who likes to do other things occasionally.

    Each has its own market segment. So this is just them covering another base 🙂

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